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    i thought Saive was British. or am i confusing him with someone else?
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    Watch almost ANY Hollywood film. The main bad guy is almost always played by a BRITISH Actor.
    Joss Ackland in Lethal Weapon 2 and Bill & Ted 2. Alan Rickman in Robin Hood and Die Hard, Jeremy Irons in Die hard 3 etc etc so it MUST mean something.
    Also, of course a .com MUST mean you are a business (it's not like it's the most common domain or anything.Or that websites like WIX offer you a free .com domain but make you pay extra for .co.uk or .net or whatever)
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    You'd think the availability of flight radar sites would stop the chemtrail idea. No, it just encourages people to try to track down the pilots.

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    How could you go from identifying the plane to finding the pilot's name/address?
  7. Mick West

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    It would probably start something like this:


    Discussion (old) here:
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    What does this mean? What's a "rego"?

    Edit: Ah. http://www.regosearch.com/

    I can't see how identifying the plane would lead to a knowing who the pilot is on a particular airline flight. Surely that's not a part of the info you get through this site. You'd just get the owner info, right? In the case of an airline, where would that info lead?

    Only meeting them on the ground seems do-able, as Mick suggested. Unless they turn their attention to the executives of the airline.
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    I think its not beyond the bounds of possibility that some of the more extreme of the chemtrail advocate would see a plane known to be 'chemtrailing' land, see a couple of pilots shortly after landing and think they are ones who flew it. (rightly or wrongly). Then they could followed, car registrations traced. In extremis airline data bases and crew rotas could be hacked or otherwise obtained.... Not saying it would be that easy, but it could be done
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    There is one good real world example of the possible dangers to pilots, that came to light last year. Anti-Vaxxers in Australia have been for a number of years trying to identify a blogger who goes by the name of Reasonable Hank, in November of last year they announced that they had found him, sadly it was someone else they fingered and he has been subjected to a barrage of abuse and threats. This news item covers the story.

  11. John Corne

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    Surely asking facebook (or whatever) to delete the post or block the user will have no effect, they just pop up again. In the UK, these threats to life should be taken to the police - there have been recent news stories of people ending up in court... maybe the boys in blue knocking on their door would wake some up!

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    At least with the major platforms like facebook, it's not as bad as that. I know some of the people on the abuse desks, and they do take these things seriously, and do have their ways of making it difficult to just "pop up" again. Most of the miscreants that you run across doing things like this are pretty unsophisticated, don't have the "leet skilz" to hide very well, and one or two prompt account terminations tends to spook them into silence. Even if they do manage to pop up again, the interruptions disrupt their ability to spread their vitriol, and lower the ROI on continuing to do it. I once dealt with one particular spammer that took a month worth of automated 2-3 ISP account terminations per day to finally give up. You have to pick your battles tho, don't try this with members of hacker groups unless you really know what you're doing. I'd tend not to involve the police unless you're the target.

    One final point: make your abuse notifications _short_ and impersonal. They don't have time to comprehend monstrous screeds or long-winded explanations of what it is about/background. They have specific policies that they can enforce. Your goal is to show them the evidence that the offending articles violates those policies with no more than a sentence or two of of intro. This is the ideal: "multiple death threats and advocating violence violating your Terms of Service, examples at these links: <link>, <link>, <link>".

    Oh right, getting acknowledgements of such complaints are fairly rare, so don't assume inaction if you don't hear back.
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    I think the Police in the UK will just see them as cranks who happen to own a keyboard, but exploring that a bit further, what would reinforce a view of a massive, elitist conspiracy, than if the Police turn up to 'suppress resistance'? It would be a bit self defeating, would it not?
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    Frustration mounting with some Trump supporters.



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    I find it ironic still that there are people advocating violence against non-existent threats (such as "chem-trails", for example...) by appealing to Trump....
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    Excellent find, 'TEEJ'! I didn't see info, but I would presume it to be new version of the B-787 already in service. Every variation ('version') of an existing in-service design must undergo the same rigorous flight testing as its predecessor.
  20. TEEJ

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    Not my find, WeedWhacker. Trailblazer posted it first on Metabunk. It is the inside of Boeing 787-10, registration N528ZC.

  21. WeedWhacker

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    Ah---, the dash-10 variant. Got it. Possibly confusing to those not completely familiar with aviation (and I am at a loss as to
    Boeing's reasons), but the long-established "norm" of 'dash'-100, 'dash'-200 ETC was discarded by Boeing with the advent of the
    B-787 product line. A bit off the topic....and thanks very much for that video!

    (edit) What a beautiful machine. Astonishing (to me) that there is no pneumatic system.
    All electric...guess it can ride in the HOV lane, eh? ;)
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    Saive is from and lives in Gainesville, Florida.