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    I think that it killing a hundred or more people will outweigh any positive effects it might have on the mindset of chemtrail believers!! :(
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    Very few people continue in a chemtrail belief for more than a year after successfully learning to identify planes. They begin to note that certain days almost al plane leave persistent contrails, hen other days none of them do. The act of actually documenting this inevitably begins to prove our case and they eventually accept that. Unfortunately, the maority just leave without helping their fellow believers.
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    That's an interesting characteristic of many of these folks. I've wondered what it is that people often like to proselytise negative messages to as many people as possible but after finding out they were wrong may be far less energetic in promoting the real truth.
    Is it somehow cooler to say things are bad than to accurately say things are perfectly normal?
    Or perhaps just embarrassment to realise and then publicly reveal they were wrong
    There seems to be so few of us motivated to promote reality and so many dedicated to promote negative nonsense.
    Another possibility is that they might realise how much effort it took for them to finally realise reality and then to note they would have to make an enormous effort to convince their previous fellow believers too.
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    (repost) This guy almost needs to be reported....he claims to know who is killing cops, Alberta, CA
    ...the whole idea came from some facebook post giving tiny a amount of detail from a rather "unstable" gentleman, Jason Murphy.

    That's all the detail there is.

    He seems to be getting worse ?


    There's more, what he says about anarchy and the action to make that happen.....
    This dude is nuts.
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    I'm not sure I understand.
    Does he mean he told the police that 'chemtrails' are killing everyone, including the police themselves?
    Further, because they don't take him seriously, they must be criminals and deserve to be removed if they won't act in the public's interest and fight for the cause?
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    He seems to think that the world is "f'd" up, because they do not think like he does......that they are stupid and ill-informed.
    The worst part, is he seems to be ready to act on this .....to correct and demonstrate his view.

    Not saying this is the case, but some psychopaths like to get involved with law enforcement, when they themselves are the perpetrators.
    He, in some ways, fits that model.
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    anti'govt documentary film.......actually well done, even though it takes audio clips from other films and most visuals usurped ....some audio is suspect and is pre-scripted by fiction writers, from other sources.
    Which is my reluctance to actually call it a "film"...more like a collage .

    better to watch the film, "Hearts & Minds"

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    He sure does think anarchy is better than Canada's government. Anarchy doesn't provide you with free health care, education, protection from criminals. He has also mentioned buying or building heat seeking missiles multiple times.

    He also seems to be under the misguided impression that Canada is still under British control. If we were controlled by Britain, our troops would have been in the last Iraq war. Our PM said no to Bush and his invasion, looking for mythical weapons of mass destruction.
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    To-date, does anyone know of anyone you has acted on such claims ? ....or who has been arrested (or investigated) for such claims ?...or who has been involved in near-violent or violent protests ?
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    Nope. These people are all talk and no action. Thankfully, they don't have the guts to do anything about this supposed problem...except whine about it online with each other.
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    Only heard of peekay22 at Sydney getting a ticking of from the police.
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    That was actually Robert McCann(endtheresistance) and Robert Hoogenboom. Peter Kusznir (Peekay22) never left Melbourne and egged the others on to confront Pilots at the airport.
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    Misunderstanding there then. Sorry if I defamed peekay.:p
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    Hello Gentlemen,
    I have come to this site to obtain some information to debunk chemtrails, but so far, all I have found is a bunch of people scouring facebook for conversations to turn over to authorities. Nice way to spend your time, I guess, but you should change the name of the site to meta rat or something a little more descriptive to the content. Would you be so kind as to point me to the information on debunking chemtrails. I am rather curious to see what you have to provide. Thank you very much.

    P.S. You do know that if chemtrails DO happen to be real, you people, in your efforts to assist in the coverup, could be up for accessory to murder. Just an FYI, since finger pointing seems to be the bulk of this site.

    Info please.
  18. Mick West

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    Debunking unfortunately involves some finger pointing, as someone is spreading the bunk.

    For chemtrail debunking, start at http://contrailscience.com, but feel free to ask questions here.

    Please point out any errors you find, and I will fix them.
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    That is all you have found? There are 184 threads in this forum.
    There are many other threads on this forum that deal extensively with the subject of chemtrails other than the threats.
    Take some time to peruse them and you will see.

    James, let's put this on a personal basis. Do you or any member of your family, or anyone you know, ever fly by airplane?

    What would you do if you knew of a group of people who, on a continuing basis, threaten to shoot down those same planes?

    This thread is just an archive of the threats, and a reminder to the people promoting this hoax about the consequences of their actions.

    What would you do?
  20. solrey

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    Crew landing plane in Philly sees possible flare

    Have there been threats involving flare guns from anyone in the Philadelphia area?

    JamesMadison, you might choose to call it finger pointing but as someone who used to work in the aviation industry (licensed mechanic) I'm quite concerned that some delusional person might do something stupid like trying to shoot down airplanes with flare guns. The information in this thread and the threats that have been passed onto authorities may help save lives one day.

  21. Jay Reynolds

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    There's a youtube out purporting to show this incident:
  22. scombrid

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    Video isn't from PHL.
  23. Jay Reynolds

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    Sure enough. No hills like those in Philly!
  24. scombrid

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    Funny, no commenters on the video noticed the hills, even the skeptical comments. Guess I'll add a comment there.
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    Hello dipshit shills!
    I see you are going well here... Not for long. I promise :)
    Fuck every one of you here brainless fucks! :D
    Oh, don't bother to reply. Just watch if this bullshit site still exists. You fucks!
    Oh, and I report you to FBI for having no brain. You need to be isolated as having no brain can cause retardness to ordinary people who still got brain.
    Greg, stick that Oscar up your ass. Who you try to impres?
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    Normally I'd delete posts like the one above, but it seems to fit with the topic of the thread. It's angry threats and insults, but no actual facts or real criticism.
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    Did something bite you recently? Give me strength
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    Judging from the ..er...."eloquence"...it sounds like PeeKay.
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    Unregistered, I haven't mentioned oscars on this forum so I'm wondering why you would bring up the subject here in the first place.
    Haven't been in contact with Peter Kusznir for months.
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    Anyone else spot the irony there?
  31. Des O

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    I think this is where the comment about Greg came from. This was posted on CHemtrail Geoengineering Lawsuit II page.

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    Ah ha. Well that was my facebook PM to her. It doesn't match Mick's guidlines for politeness but I do take a different approach sometimes. Here is her interesting reply:

    • Misty Stinson
      • you are a troll, and I am reporting you to God, Mother Nature and the aliens. you are an idoit if you think chemtrails are hoax.. oh and I am reporting you to Anonymous.

    • [​IMG]Sunday
      Misty Stinson
      • Any one who is spraying toxic chemicals in the sky is breaking all kinds of laws, but they can commit genocide and terrorism, and it's okay with you? But we can't get mad and do something about it ourselves because the government, monsanto, bp and the healthcare business are paying for the holocaust and we are just cockroaches, who should Obey and breathe it in? Anyone who thinks this is normal is either: stupid, ignorant, uneducated or working for the government. Chem trail plane grounded in China with us cia pilot and barrels of chemicals with the H1N1 virus included.... so much more evidence, i could go on all day. And I hope someone does put an end to it. One way or another. May god bless you and you come to your senses.

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    I'm loving this.
  34. GregMc

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    Well I over stepped the mark with my rudeness to her (in future I'll be more civil to people advocating mass murder) but the background detail is revealing.

    • Misty Stinson
      • the faa said that there were no planes on fligth path over our town. to the south yes. and they fly the same day and the same time. these planes are not the same. there are no passengers. geo thermal engineering is happeing, and they are lying about it. you are not going to change my mind, i am not blind, stupid or ignorant. i have had my blood tested and they are poisoning us.

    • [​IMG]3 hours ago
      Misty Stinson
      • how much do they pay you to give disinformation to people? and you spray us too , right...

      • contrails dissapate with in 4 minutes. chemtrails spread.

    • [​IMG]3 hours ago
      Misty Stinson
      • none of the passenger planes fly in these directions.. these are not passenger planes, we are being sprayed.

        [h=2]you need it[/h]

        by Misty Stinson

        cannabis was given to us by God, and instructed to use by Jesus. Jesus used cannabis (marijuana is the mexican name) as the main ingredient in his anointing oil and he instructed his disciples to use it and to share it with others, to teach them to heal themselves. And he is not happy that it is being held back as an illegal drug. it is non toxic and you can't overdose on a chemical your own endocannaboid system requires for homostasis of your body. you make your own cannaboids if you exercise enough and eat right. Not too many of those people in society, so most lack cannaboids and are sick because of it. It cures cancer. it kills bacteria, and viruses. There is nothing like it on earth. It can replace everything that is toxic in our environment. Feed it to the starving in Africa, the hemp seeds have omega 3,6,9 and 12 grams of protein in 3 table spoons. Rice=zero nutrition.

    I'm not sure if she's ever been at altitude in a plane but probably she has been quite high at other times.

    There are a number of photos of normal contrails taken over alliance Nebraska which seems well within sight of a number of enroute high flight paths
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    This youtube video is a 1 & 1/2 hour audio drama read by several people. It leads off with a militia attacking "chemtrails" planes with surface-to-air missiles.

    The result of chemtrail propaganda has come to this, a full fantasy online about shooting down planes.

    Chemtrail promoters need to become aware that their propaganda may indeed lead to some lone nutcase doing what they advocate.

    This is serious, Ryan Marchand from Mt. Shasta, CA.

  36. Unregistered

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    it is the chem-trailer CIA evergreen air with its verified patents for atmospheric spraying who are committing violence (physical; harm to people) by their spraying... you debunkers are mere shills and loonies (fools willing idiots etc) joining in with these criminals makes you the violent ones......
  37. Mick West

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    Except, of course, Evergreen only has one "spray" plane, and it's intended for firefighting. Hardly likely this one plane is going to be responsible for all the "chemtrails" around the world, is it?
  38. Steve Funk

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    When some chemtrails nut with a military background shoots down a passenger plane in the mistaken belief that it is spraying aluminum, you will have the blood of hundreds of innocent civilians on your hands.
  39. Jay Reynolds

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  40. Danny55

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    From the Geo Engineering Lawsuit II Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/chemtrailgeoengineeringlawsuitsocialgroup/

    "[​IMG]Jeff Whoever The fallout particulate matter from the 1st video is witnessed by the viewers. You can see the stuff on the guys LENS as he's filming it. Disgusting folks.6 hours ago

    [​IMG]Patti Tsagaris This is outrageous! Too bad we can't use rocket launchers for defense purposes, they are killing us slowly, just saying.4 hours ago

    [​IMG]Jeff Whoever Ground to Air - hell yes.4 hours ago

    [​IMG]Michael Glynn Guys, I am here because I want to help this lawsuit get to court but can I say, that speaking as a pilot of aircraft that many here obviously believe are involved, those two posts send chills up my spine.20 minutes ago

    [​IMG]Jeff Whoever True or not, many reports are coming out that many of these aircraft are un-manned. Go with that.16 minutes ago

    [​IMG]Michael Glynn How do they know?13 minutes ago

    [​IMG]Jeff Whoever How do we know anything.12 minutes ago

    [​IMG]Jeff Whoever Speaking ONLY for myself, if taking down a handful of chemtrail aircraft to save the lives or health of several thousands of people on the ground, then I say scratch five. Sorry but I see the big picture.. not to mention the many lives lost already on the ground due to this stuff. I will not banter.10 minutes ago
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