1. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    Shouldn't these kinds of threats be reported to authorities?
  2. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    So he can kill us? Hmm....
  3. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Here's an example of someone prosecuted for making threats on Facebook:


    I think legally it would depend on the specificity of the threat. Saying "someone should shoot them down" is different from saying "I am going to shoot the pilot of flight QF99 on friday".

    See also:

  4. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    firstwave threat.

    Coup de grace literally means death stroke or killing stroke, meaning he threatens personally to murder Ernie Lee.
    Firstwave claims to be a trained US marine with 6 years military background and practices martial arts at LA Aikido

    PC williams, most of the the list of threats I've collected have been forwarded on to Australian Federal Police. I think you'll find such comments are monitored by aviation agencies.
    Is there a specific online form for US authorities to be forwarded such details?
  5. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    I don't know, honestly. I'm thinking as a retired air traffic controller, and some of these threats seem to rise to the level of being serious. If i were still on the job i'd be required to report such statements and leave it to somebody in authority to decide whether they were actionable.
  6. Des O

    Des O New Member

    Some angry people on facebook....again.

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  7. GregMc

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  8. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    Wow. How is that NOT considered a serious threat worthy of the attention of the feds?
  9. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    I sent a notice about these threats to homeland security in the USA via http://www.tsa.gov/contact/index.shtm

    Do you guys know of better avenues of reporting threats there ?
    I also forwarded the threats to Australian Federal Police. I hope that they pass info around.
    Seems the word got around Qantas just fine.
    A few Qantas pilots seem to have taken to doing some debunking and I noticed our friend Peekay22 doing his usual ranting and telling a Qantas pilot that he couldn't be a Qantas pilot etc.
  10. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    Heatseeker Enoch Jenkins. hassle pilots.

    Australian Enoch Jenkins http://www.youtube.com/user/cicatrixta made the following threat on a Peekay video.

    Seems like he has been harrassing pilots too.
    He noted on another channel that he never completed school, dropping out before year 10. Most Australians complete year 12.

    Qantas pilot TWCobra attempted to explain flight paths to them and was immediately blocked and had comments removed.
    They have been erasing links to aviation documentation that explain air navigation and the reasons for changing flight paths.
  11. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    I'm curious to see how the TSA responds.
  12. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    I mentioned to PCWilliams that a disturbing element of the FBI threat reporting site is that it seems to reject any reports that do not include an American Zip code.
    When filing reports the site requires country and address details yet after posting my full address it rejected my initial reports as not having a legitimate American zip code.
    That's because I'm not American...... doh!
    It only accepted my reports after I had instead submitted a fake Monterey zipcode! Are American security agency websites created by the lowest bidder?
    Jay had no problem contacting the AFP regarding QF64 but why is it hard for a Foreigner to provide info to an American agency?
    Imagine I was some poor pakistani trying to report an immanent Terrorist attack on American interests somewhere. "Sorry, your address does not display a valid zip code. You must fill in all the boxes. please try again"
  13. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Greg, I had to do some finesse reporting down under. I recall the numeration of your telly system was different, and there were some boxes I may have filled in using my imagination, so there are some quirks about the national systems which make it difficult for both of us. Your system seemed to be tailored for police departments reporting in.
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  14. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    Oh, thanks for that Jay. I'll have a look back where you made the report and try to send a message about possible problems for folks overseas too. I'm not incredibly impressed about how un-user friendly such websites from either country seem to be. I've used the phone here but am a bit of a cheapskate to make overseas calls. I tried sending an internet based report to the US TSA office detailing specific references to stinger missiles, stabbing pilots, sams guns etc, asking if they were aware of such online nonsense and received an automated form letter about passenger and baggage screening and a suggestion to contact the FAA . Hopefully the note eventually reached a human.
    Perhaps its deliberate so they filter out kids with short attention spans making prank reports and only concerned and determined folk make the effort to get a message through.
    Making a phone report is relatively easy fortunately.
    A dude from a pilots association told me that their members have taken a keen interest in all this .
  15. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member


    I've been sending a few emails direct to peekay. Seems he's starting to be a tad more rational. A few others are starting to think more logically too
  16. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    Just found this link: https://tips.fbi.gov/

    Seems they have a pull down menu for different countries.
  17. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    kill them all.

    Posted on the witwats video on youtube
  18. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Could you please give a link to the particular you tube video these come from?
  19. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    The peekyboo screen grab is from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO2SGCvr0cM where peekay has Blocked ex Qantas pilot Bill Sherwood (billzilla) from commenting.
    The illincrux threat comes from watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

    Most of the others come from Killer chemtrails, Danger in the sky, tanker enemy's KC10a re-edit
    I could probably do a text search to track back to the original vids the others came from.
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  20. Billzilla

    Billzilla Active Member

    FWIW I'm not actually an ex-QF pilot though I did work for them for a few months as an A330 simulator instructor in late 07/early 08.
    Before that I was with Air Atlanta Icelandic for nearly eight years and before that Air Pacific for two. Various small Aussie charter/freight companies for a decade before that.
    It seems that our poor little friend peekay didn't even want to 'discuss' any contrail information but rather chose to ignore my easily-confirmed past and ban me for that.
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  21. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    Excellent Bill.
    Bill has a cool website with lots of neat stuff but I should let you do your own trumpet blowing of other fields of expertise and race car hooliganism!
    Bill and I used to be regular posters on an excellent Australian science Forum based on a popular Australian populariser of science http://www2b.abc.net.au/science/k2/stn/
    I've been corresponding with some other Qantas pilots who have taken a very keen interest in all this. I'll let them reveal who they are. I think Qantas A330 pilot TWCobra said he has already made comments or registered as a member here on Metabunk.
    He was also blocked by both Peekay and thedamo63 for trying to explain reality.
    You can lead a horse to water....
  22. firepilot

    firepilot New Member

    I am a pilot, and got blocked by Peekay also. All I did was chime on on his great circle lunacy, and that was enough
  23. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    OK, here is the link to What In The World Are They Spraying" where a threat was made:

  24. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    shoot down offenders.

    Here's a screen grab of the comment from Jay's link. These tend to dissappear from view very quickly so best if we screen grab and take note of where they are from. I usually send a PM to the person who wrote the threats.
  25. firepilot

    firepilot New Member

    Well Roxy must have realized that she could have some culpabilty if people on her facebook group continued to threaten aircraft, so she posted that any aircraft threats would not be tolerated. Not just that, but group members can only comment on posts, they can not start any new posts.

    She figured out that fear mongering for profit is fine and good until someone gets killed. Of course, she does have the world "Kill" in her group name, Chemtrails Kill

  26. Danny55

    Danny55 Member

    Another one on WITWATS FB Page

    [​IMG][h=6]What in the World Are They Spraying?
    [/h][h=6]See link for more info about art contest: http://truthmediaproductions.blogspot.com/p/why-cover-art-contest.html[/h][​IMG]"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Official Trailer
    Coming Fall 2012: "Why in the World are They Spraying? Produced by the Originator and Co-Producer of "What in the World are They Spraying?" Michael J. Murphy...

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        Angela Rios WHO is spraying?? WHY isn't the EPA doing anything about it? I wrote them a letter and they denied that chemtrails exist!!!Friday at 12:18 · [​IMG] 1

      • [​IMG]

        Misty Stinson time to shoot them out of the sky and prove it to the world.. the government is doing it, so they lie about it.3 hours ago

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  27. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Interesting that over the past few years, these threats are not only overall coming with increasing frequency, they are coming more and more from females.
  28. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Roxy's audience tends towards older females.

    Also, mostly anecdotally, the fringe of the chemtrails community that also believes in Morgellons tends to be more commonly older white females, and more commonly holding very unusual world views.

    I've never heard of a Morgellons sufferer who does not also believe in chemtrails. Many of them are also open minded about physically impossible things such as changes in the Moon's orbit, and Planet X passing nearby wihout people noticing.


  29. Danny55

    Danny55 Member

    That last one is from Nebraska and has a few links about the "medical benefits" of cannabis on her page as well.
  30. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    That's an interesting correlation. I've nothing against harmless recreational drug use, but there does seem at least suggestive anecdotal evidence that frequent cannabis/marijuana use can lead to an amplification of the paranoid mindset. College stoners seem more likely to believe in conspiracy theorists than non-stoners.

    Correlation, but is there causation?
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  31. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member


    That list is quite remarkable in how well it describes most conspiracy theorists. Of course this is a dangerous road to go down, and they will probably think this list is a conspiracy too.
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  32. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member


    Mittens the Cat comes to mind whenever I interact with paranoid conspiracy theorists.
  33. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Drugs and paranoia? This guy fits.


    And to stay on topic, here are some of his comments to the 4th video that I linked:

    Video Discription:
    The government story is that Contrails, since 1997, have ceased dissapating and instead now linger across the sky, blotting out much needed sunlight. This is a national emergency....ALL planes should be grounded ASAP until the problem is resolved. Do you want air travel or do you want food? Do you want air travel or do you want normal vitamin D levels in your body? Soon, you will have to make a choice. (footage shot at Northside Park, Gainesville Florida)

    His comment after I replied explaining the cloud formation he saw:

    Trolls don't waste your time. I will remove comment and block your disinformation. I have provided, within my videos, 100% proof of life threatening chem-trail actvity. Your government wants you sick so you can't expose their lies and evil. Its that simple. ALL governments have killed their own people. USA is NO exception. Trolls and shills will burn in hell. Have nice day.

    And a funny from another commenter:

    If you have a VERY bright flashlight go out side at night, and hold it in front of you pointing straight up, and you can see the fallout. I posted a video last week, but after losing quality posting on you tube you really cant see much. You just have to do it yourself.
  34. firepilot

    firepilot New Member

    Well, noticed he is in Gainesville, and of course who might else be from there?

    Harold Saive.
  35. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    pilot lives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgVf4iTaDZs

    "can we get that fuckin pilot find out where he live,s... this maggot, its impossible he don,t know what he,s doing this fucker..."

    They are not just interested in pilots at airports but stalking them to their homes.
    Notice the "about this user" info on this guys channel:

    About this user

    ._...|..__________ __________, , )
    ....../ `---___________---- _____|] ......
    ...../_==o;;;;;;;;__ _____.:/
    .....), ---.(_(__) /
    ....// (..) ), ----
    ..//___// Put This On Your Page If You
    .//___// Support Gun Ownership


    It's extremely rare for Australians to be interested in gun ownership.

    For those silly nutters mystified by QF63 here is the inflight flight path information I filmed this past Monday on my way to Johannesburg before transferring to Walvis Bay Namibia DSCN0021. DSCN0023.
  36. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Though its the hoax promoters who have talked these people into believing such nonsense, these people making the threats had better get themselves prepared for trouble.
    They are really asking for it.
  37. firepilot

    firepilot New Member

    I posted earlier how Roxy Lopez is shutting down her facebook page, and telling people to stop making threats against aircraft. She wants to be a promoter of conspiracies, and a figurehead that they look to, but when they actually start talking like they will act on her words, then she has to be indignant and feign ignorance.

    She is happy to spread nonsense, but does not want to be around for any ramifications.
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  38. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    My facebook page is constantly littered with "friends" from high school who keep reposting this chemtrail nonsense. And I'm talking about 60 year old men and women! When I comment that I do not see what they are seeing, one actually told me they are "sparing" my part of the state (for some reason).

    I just found this on Facebook today:

    Chad Roberts Did you know that the morgellens fibers can crystalize precious metals? So maybe 100 dead people would equal an ounce of gold for the elite. I could get more specific, the nano organic fibers have a habit of collecting and crystalizing metals.

    Could these nuts get any kookier? They're spraying so that we die and crystalize into gold? Good grief what morons. Most of these people sound like 13 year old boys.
  39. Danny55

    Danny55 Member

    Another one from the WITWATS FB page

    "[​IMG] [h=6]What in the World Are They Spraying? via Lisa Modika
    [/h][h=6][/h][​IMG] Monsanto Patents and Chemtrails | Farm Wars
    farmwars.info Every dead plant means another dollar for Monsanto.

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  40. Jay Reynolds

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