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    I need to start a thread on Corexit. Since there are a lot of stories about it being a 'neurotoxin' related to Agent Orange.
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    In what sense a neurotoxin?
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    It isn't, it is closer to being Dawn.

    higgins, Godlike,


    And of course the expected sources show up


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    Just got a nice simple death threat from raw foods advocate Matt Stevens who I had sent my standard info letter too. About 12 thankyous today and one death threat via email.
    It was from mattsideways@hotmail.com who runs a rawfoods webpage. www.living-foods.com
    I assumed he was a vegan and vegans were all about not harming living things. Possibly he is into eating food whilst it is still alive so sending me an email instructing me to die may just indicate he is hungry?

    I sent him a letter detailing a small part of my conservation work to protect the worlds endangered species but I'm suspecting details may not be important to him.

    Anyone else receive some amusing and perplexing death threats?
    Possibly worth while documenting threats of violence to us debunkers who are trying to inform people that they are not actually in any danger from ice in the sky.
  5. Cairenn

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    Some of the radical animal rights folks don't seem to like humans much. They consider us a pest species. I keep wanting to suggest that they could remove ONE pest --but I won't say that, but I THINK it
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    That particular thread was posted by EarthPatriot, and he links to http://earthpatriot.info/ which is a site selling Nikken Products, an "Alternative Health" pyramid marketing site. There's been a flurry of these barrel photos posted on Facebook, and people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.

    Seems like a very obvious case of "fear based marketing" here.
  9. MsVickie

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    Are you talking about defending murderers? Cause that's what it sound like. You are defending genocide. What a human being you are.
  10. Mick West

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    Comment on ContrailScience.com:

  11. Mick West

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    No, we are talking about PREVENTING murders. The concern is that someone will attack a plane, a pilot, a scientist, or a debunker. So these threats are being collated to try to prevent that if possible.

    We don't think the trails are anything other than contrails. If you do, then please explain why.
  12. MikeC

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    FWIW the "white tube" at het bottom of the picture that Georgio Meccariello is asking about looks like a towbar - the ring at het left hand end connects to a tractor, the hooks on the right probably to lugs on the nose landing gear. the body of the towbar is shock absorber, and probably incorporates a weak link that will break before the nose gear breaks in case stresses get too high.

    You would carry a tow bar if you were intending to land somewhere that doesn't normally support the a/c type - which means pretty much everywhere except a few home bases for an aircraft on it's certification flight testing!
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    Yes, I already labeled it as such in the Ballast Barrels thread.
  14. Jay Reynolds

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    So, Vickie, Who in the World ever put this killing idea into your head? That isn't the way that most people feel when they encounter someone who disagrees with them. I do challenge you to debate, but you know that you'll have to stop the tough talk and get down to facts to win a debate. Hope you can be nice but from what I see over at Thom Hartmann that might be extraordinary behavior.
  15. Jay Reynolds

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  16. Cairenn

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    They seem to have so bought into the hoax that obvious evidence to the contrary MUST be 'disinformation' . I don't understand their thinking
  17. MikeC

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    Actually, from that comment, yes you do!! :)
  18. Mick West

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    Good debunkers need to understand the thinking of the people they are debunking.

    There's a variety of different things going on there.
  19. Cairenn

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    I guess that I have been a skeptic too much of my life.

    I was in grade school and there was doll that was heavily advertised on the kid shows. She was toddler size and she WALKED. I wanted her. My parents told me that she would 'walk' like she did in the commercial, so I disappointingly asked for a different doll. One the girls up the street got the doll. I had to go up and play with her and the doll. She would take on maybe 2 steps and then fall over--she didn't walk !

    If you add in that my dad was pharmacist and he often ranted on hoaxes in the medical field and my early interest in science, I was healthy skeptic by the time I was 10 or12. I was encouraged to go look up the information on my own--I think I was 5 when my parents bought a set of Collier's encyclopedias for me.

    I think the first thing I remember debunking was Santa Claus . For some reason, I can still remember stopping on my way to school one Nov morning and LOOKING at a house(that had a chimney) and deciding that reindeer couldn't fly. That was the start. I wanted to believe in Santa, but the EVIDENCE (and I started collecting it then) showed me that he wasn't real. I was the one that challenged my parents about Santa Claus. It hurt, but I had to face the truth.
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    Haha. When I was 4, I woke up and went to get a drink of water and caught my mom making my Easter basket. The cogs started turning and I soon realized all the implications, and that would be when I became a skeptic. Like your husband, I went to Catholic school and I'm sure the nuns all hated me for asking all the difficult questions. :D
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  21. Cairenn

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    I can't ever remember believing in the Easter Bunny or tooth fairy. I knew that they were just for 'fun'.

    I was in middle school when I stayed after my Earth Science class and pointed out that something in my textbook was wrong. The book was several years old and my geology text was newer. I brought it to class the next day to show the teacher. I think I am one of the few students that ever took books to their teachers to read, and even did that in college.

    I was taking an Environmental Ethics class, and the textbook was a 'small world' point of view---very Malthusian It recommended severe methods to control population (maybe the chem trail folks had that same book). Then we were showed a film of what would happen if there was a temperature inversion over the Entire Northern Hemisphere for a month. Yep, I called BS on that to the professors, I pointed out that I could make a better case for FTL drive than for it. I asked them if there were going to teach subjectively or objectively. When they said the latter, I decided to not drop it. They knew then that I would challenge what they said and taught.
  22. Critical Thinker

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    On Craigslist:

  23. JRBids

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    I was removed from my parents' friends Sal and Mary's home on Christmas Eve when I kept shouting "It's Sal! It's Sal! It's not Santa Claus!" when I was about 6, in front of about 15 children of all ages. I did the same debunking, we lived in Queens and there was 1. no way Santa could get down the chimney 2. OBVIOUSLY there was no way he could carry ALL the gifts delivered on Christmas in a sleigh and do it in one evening and 3. IT WAS SAL FOR GOODNESS' SAKE!!

    My other moment was then the nun told us the eucharist turned into the ACTUAL body and blood of Christ. Come on now, I can't believe even 7 year olds would believe that.
  24. JRBids

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    I reported this photo to Facebook.


    StatusPhoto not removed
    DetailsThank you for your report. We carefully reviewed the photo you reported, but found it doesn't violate our community standard on bullying and harassment so we didn't remove it."

    I put in a more detailed report after receiving this. Facebook really needs to exert some kind of control on it's content.
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  25. Mick West

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    The link I put above actually goes to the version used as a cover photo, so maybe you reported that one, the one with the "does anyone recognize him" comment is:
  26. solrey

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    Here's a comment on one of Jim Lee's videos.

    The History of Weather Control - An Interactive Timeline

    So Jim Lee, are you OK with comments like that on your videos? You block debunkers but let comments advocating violence stand unchallenged? Nice, real nice.
  27. Trailspotter

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    Probably not a "chemtrail" activist, but his action may inspire them:


  28. JRBids

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    No, I went right to the Stop Chemtrails page.
  29. JRBids

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    Why do I think the pot is boiling over on this one?


    Maybe because when you start examining your skin with a microscope and posting stuff like this, you're really losing it.

    hot legs1.
  30. Cairenn

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    Can she be reported for using the laser on the pilot? It seems that she admits doing it
  31. solrey

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  33. TWCobra

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    I got zapped going into Shanghai a few months ago. The second officer had vision problems for a couple of hours.. He caught it right in the eyes.
  34. Cairenn

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    It is a dangerous prank. I guess that folks don't really realize the distance they can reach and that they are still STRONG enough to injure someone.

    And then there are the chemtrail folks that KNOW what they are doing.
  35. HappyMonday

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    Hopefully just attention seeking, but the persecution / egocentric element in the facebook post is genuinely worrying, and it's present in a LOT of these kind of screeds.

    It's sad to see it effecting people's behaviour. I can point to two or three twitter users who often say they "didn't leave the house," or "...turned around and went home when they saw all the chemtrails,".
  36. Danny55

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    More from Carly Hill here http://www.facebook.com/carlyhill.hill/posts/628716270477370:1 [Broken External Image]:http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc7/s32x32/369067_100000170079375_1813456454_q.jpg

  37. HappyMonday

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    Yeah, that tirade suspends any sympathy I may have for such people.
  38. JRBids

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    I don't know if you are on Facebook, but a quick look at Gnarly Carly's page (by the way her name apparently is Carly Hill), will show you a very angry person who has lashed out all over the place.
  39. JRBids

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    Now the girl is making rockets.

    hell no1.

    Then there's this:

  40. HappyMonday

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    I'd report to the authorities at this point.