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    This thread is sticky, as it's intended as a record of all threats of violence against planes, pilots, scientists and debunkers. Please limit posts strictly to that topic. Feel free to start new thread if you want to discuss something in depth.

    What you can do if you see a credible threat of violence on Facebook:



    From this review of "Deep Green Resistance" by McBay, Keith and Jensen, which advocates illegal and even violent action in the name of ecology:

    Note the "chemtrails" link goes to an article about "Case Orange".

    A Google search for chemtrails + "shoot down" reveals this is not an isolated random suggestion. Now while the idea is ludicrous, and practically inconceivable, we need to recognize that sometimes people do take bunk to the extreme. Timothy McVeigh, for example, was a believer in conspiracy theories about the UN taking over the US, and he ended up killing 168 people.

    Debunking has a very small possibility of preventing things like that, but no matter how small the possibility, it's another reason why debunking is worthwhile.
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    June 4th:
    June 6th:
    Aug 15th:
    Sept 11th:
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    "I have a solution to get rid of chemtrails..."
    (later he claims it was a joke, perhaps to avoid being tagged as a "terrorist threat")

    There are many more claims to "shoot them down" on public forums, but once they realize they are actually making a "threat", they claim it was a figure-of-speech of some sort. This may actually be the case....or not.

    What is harder to find, is the hardcore activists who might try to "act" somehow. If their intentions are real, they know better that to post such a thing on a public forum.

    I don't think it's realistic to shoot down a plane at 30k feet, from the ground. An attack on a ground-based installation is more likely - or on a place of political nature....hence things like embassy bombings.
    ....but all it takes is one lone nut, who doesn't care if he gets caught or dies in the process......it's been known to happen.

    Many chemtrail believers suggest the nations that "these planes" fly over, should shoot them down. But when asked, "why don't they?"....another hole opens up in their theory.
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    On a broader note, you've got guys like Andrew Breitbart fanning the flames:


    His audience there is the Tea Party and beyond. People with a demonstrable tendency to believe in the most tenuous of conspiracy theories.
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    Last night I watched a PBS special about the Earth Liberation Front, who did many acts of eco-terror. There was one case where they burned a lab at the University of Washington, but ended up burning down a Library as well.

    Another they thought was a forestry company working on GMO timber trees, they burned down the whole complex, only to later find that what was being worked on were ordinary hybrid trees. Some of the members then got out of it, but the radical core kept on going. In the end one got caught out and got immunity of testimony, then the dominoes fell.

    I agree that the more vocal ones we can see here are likely just the blowhards, and the one who will really act will be silent.
    I did report some of this to the FBI years ago, and I may do so again in case it hasn't fallen off their radar. I really think that the people promoting this hoax need to consider if they are certain enough of what they are claiming to take the chance that 100 or more innocent lives could be at risk.

    That would be an awful lot to have on your conscience, wouldn't it?
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    I was reading numerous threats on youtube to blow up and shoot down planes leaving contrails and have been screen grabbing most of the ones I've come across.
    Perhaps it may be of some interest to quote the threats here as some sort of central repository. Having a public repository of these threats may be usefull to flag to the rest of the population that these chemtrail believers are not necessarily as benign as they may seem.
    We don't tolerate bomb threat comments even spoken in jest within airports and I'm not sure that they should be tolerated as public statements on the internet .

    A typical comment from tonight's browsing ""I would love to figure out a way to blow those mo........ers out of the sky!!!!!!!! I have had enough. Its a bunch of rich nerds who want the world for themselves..and they want us all dead. I have been doing the research. F....k you to all the pilots of these planes and to all the evil f..ks behind all this!!!!!!!!!
    • TheSpitmitt

      Rocket launchers Shoot the f...ers down. Serioslyu Just do it.

      AA guns

      Kill the pilots

      How do we take them out of the sky? The Governments of the world don't give a shit about it
      Poor Nice... we should shoot them down!!!

      Some stinger missles would fix this problem

      surface to air missles should sort that out

      How do we take them out of the sky?........Encourage Anyone and everyone with military background to STEAL missiles and SHOOT the F...King chemtrail airplanes out of the sky. NOW! Don't wait! Do it NOW Don't trust your government........

      Let's shoot 'em down! All of them! I wanna PLAY*GRRRRR*

      I wish someone would shoot these F...ers out of the sky!!.....Just woish my camera was an rpg!....

      Sabotaging these planes is the only answer! We need powerful scalar or laser devices to shoot them down! You cannot winagainst murders with salvation army methods

      SHOOT THE C>>>>Ts DOWN

      search and destroy them and their pilots. no other way

      Okay, where can I buy an RPG???

      Why don't we just shoot one of these f...ers down anf then have the proof?

      God, I wish I had a rocket launcher to just bring one down so that sheeps could see the evidence

      I To.

      That's only a small sample of screen grabbed threats of that nature

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    aircrap.org had a poll

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    LOL. Well it would be delicious if they reworded it slightly to "what is the just punishment for those orchestrating and delivering aluminium oxide, barium and other compounds to an unsuspecting public"

    I've been rather undiplomatically rubbing their noses in it on one of the aircrap youtube videos and the chemtrail proponents have been particularly quiet ever since.
    The irony of the zeolite promotion seems to have quite a bit of resonance with these chemtrail believers who are so quick to believe in herbal and "natural" cures for anything. By focusing on chemtrail "products" such as chembuster blocks of resin with old nails in them , liquid drops that make supposedly millions of tons of aluminium dust just vanish, I think that carries a lot of debunking clout to these sorts of personalities. Many of these folks are anti -science to begin with so presenting science to them is often like a water off a duck's back. It works great on normal people, but the true believers are harder to reach. Almost 100% of people are shoppers, so whilst pseudo science may sail a clear path past many folks poorly tuned BS filters, bad bargains of chemtrail junk won't.
    The more that the financial incentive and commercial products of chemtrail promoters are revealed, the more their real motivations for spruiking the hoax become clear.

    If I might humbly suggest Mick, a SHOPPING page on your site featuring the many absurd commercial anti-chemtrail products may have as much debunking power to the true believers as rational science and historic documentation. Old photos and journal articles etc are claimed to be ministry of truth photoshopped "disinfo" but the very adverts and products themselves directly from Chemtrail promotion websites powerfully suggest the snakeoil selling reality of the chemtrail hoax.

    Nothing evokes BS as much as the "but wait, there's more, if you buy now for the one low price of.... you'll get TWO products thrown in for the price of one but only if you buy in the next few minutes" etc
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    This one from the Ron Paul Forum, links a video of the "Testimonials" for the aborted Suffolk County Geoengineering ban:
    -Content on the Daily Paul is the opinion of the original poster, not necessarily of the Daily Paul, its owner, moderators or Ron Paul
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    That, is a very good idea.
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    Another example I just noticed on Facebook


    Joking? Maybe so. But eventually somebody is going to do something stupid.
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    Here's a disturbing one from pinkthunderwonder on YouTube.


    I was banned from that channel for asking questions and being a general pain in the butt. I wonder what webmasterflash will do about miss pinkthunderwonder. It's a little disconcerting that the other chemtrail activists remain silent about a post full of such venom and hatred.
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    Here's a charming collection of screen grabs I've collected and forwarded to various aviation security organisations.
    50 cal threat. AirMissilethreat. attackThreat. bazooka threat. big gun threat.
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  15. GregMc

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  16. GregMc

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    rocket launchers. rocket threat. RocketlaunchersAA. rpg threat 2.

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  18. GregMc

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  19. GregMc

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    Good screen caps Greg. I had given up on the BS on youtube but I realise now how dangerously deluded these whack jobs really are!
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    This isn't violence exactly, more historical harassment, but interesting


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    Dr. Minnis was one of my first contacts when trying to get basic info on contrails. He later did actively post around the net trying to bring some sense, but few listened as he cast his pearls before swine.

    Interesting comment from Tim White there, who says, "I know a lot more than you realize.."

    Dr. Minnis must have instantly realized the guy didn't have a clue, since he equated the NASA Langley Research Center(LARC) in Hampton, Virginia, with the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) in Langley, Virginia, 182 miles away.

    The Langley Research Center is named after Samuel Pierpont Langley, an aviation pioneer along with the Wright Brothers.
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    Well I didn't have a clue those were different Langleys. I plead being British!
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    There is some interesting writing from Tim White. Seems more than a bit unhinged, but certainly not love lost for Will Thomas and Len Horowitz, who are the ones I would say really promoted this hoax for money making.

    Its been mentioned before by me and Jay, but Tim talks about Will Thomas getting 7,000 dollars to go to Aspen to talk about chemtrails, along with the same guy, David Peterson, supporting Clifford at times too. Wonder if this David still believes in chemtrails
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  29. Jay Reynolds

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    During public comment time at the Suffolk County Legislative General meeting of December 6, 2011, transcript, page 106:
  30. GregMc

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    killpilots2. patriot missile. hang pilots. shootemdown.

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    This was on Chemtrails Exposed facebook wall.

    [h=6]David Inglis
    [/h][h=6]Next time.. You see a plane laying down chemtrails..?point a laser at the airplane hoepfully it blinds the pilot.. The way i see it. Is there trying to poison me..Its only fair to fight dirty.? Anybody agree?[/h]Like · · January 18 at 10:58pm ·
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    My only hope is that they can't effectively target planes at cruising altitude. This is getting kind of personal really. I fly a lot and really don't like the idea of people even having the idea of targeting commercial planes because they leave a contrail whether those people have the capacity to successfully damage my flight or not. My last trip was a contrail trip going and coming because I was flying ahead of frontal systems going both ways so the plane I was on created trails over FL to NC going and from MD to SC returning. On both days I've found youtube vids claiming that they were "being sprayed" when the videos are pretty clear that they were filming typical commercial flights.
  33. Danny55

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  34. GregMc

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    That's exactly why the emergence of activist delusionals like we have seen here in Australia is such a dangerous trend.
    With folk targeting Qantas aircraft captains as perpetrating "crimes against humanity" and even after being intercepted by police discussing further secretive plans of action even more serious developments are possible.

    It is astonishing that our friend peekay22 described in detail his astonishment at seeing a trail forming from wingtips as a plane on takeoff from Melbourne airport approached a cloud
    I sent him a few more examples:
    and information on the causes:

    Apparently it is all B@#$%$t and it's hidden wingtip chemtrail nozzles now

    Laser pointing at jets has been common here for the last few years
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  36. Des O

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    This is a little disturbing!

    [​IMG] Avalon Member [Broken External Image]:http://projectavalon.net/forum4/customavatars/avatar9334_1.gif Join Date4th November 2011LocationWhitehall MIAge26Posts196Thanks356Thanked 611 times in 163 posts

    [​IMG] Re: Have the Chemtrails stopped in your area?
    [​IMG] Posted by WhiteFeather (here)
    They Started spraying the aerosol cocktails again here in NYC this morning. Doesn't bother me cause i live in an orgonite constructed dwelling. And if it gets real bad, i will utilize my rocket launcher thats used exclusively for chemtrail planes only.

    My first chemtrail rocket launcher when i turned 7 on my birthday.

    HEHE [​IMG]
    Wouldn't that just be the best news article.

    7 year old shot down chemtrailing plane with rocket launcher ​

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    laser aim at pilots. laser blind pilot. Kill cops. killthemallfirstwave.

    Firstwave2 apparently frequents a Dojo in LA and challenges debunkers to visit there where he threatens to kill them and advocates shooting planes and pilots.
    He frequents nuffrespect's "killer chemtrails" vid and should be quite easy to arrange a meeting with for LA residents.
  38. Jay Reynolds

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    These threats seem to be coming faster. The promoters like Michael J. Murphy & Co. need to consider what they are doing by telling people they are being sprayed with poison.

    User Profile:

    This was 14 hours ago by the same person who has been sending out threatenig tweets over the course of the last year as mentioned in my previous posting here:
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    I agree.
    Legally, people like Michael J Murphy, whipping up hysteria are directly responsible for inciting violence against passenger jets and their pilots.
    He might claim that the jets are unmarked military jets but clearly that is NOT the case and has been proven even by his fellow conspiracy adherents.
    The delusional people who attempted to accost a Qantas pilot at Sydney airport all refer to Michael Murphy's video.

    Michael Murphy, YOU are one of the people directly responsible for this dangerous hysteria and threats to murder pilots , passengers and debunkers.
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