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    Hi Mike,

    I am still undecided whether "chemtrails" and contrails are the same thing due to military documents i have seen which talk about chemtrails being an exotic wepon etc but thats a whole other point. What i would like to get your opinion on is concerning the article you posted, i did read it but i would like to bring your attention to page 22 which is a picture :D. It states that all the cloud formation shown is a result of jet planes, now whether it is contrials or chemtrials, this will have a significant affect on the climate ( reflecting solar radition back into space) yet there has never ,to my knowledge, been any poltical/ envromental disscussion whether this is something that humans should be doing to the planet. So what im really getting at is that you are putting a lot of effort in to debunking chemtrails but for me it doesnt matter whether it be chemtrail or contrail its still just as sinister.

    Also a personal question, why is it so important to you to debunk chemtrails, it would seem the harder you try the more the chemmies as you call them will dismiss you as a government agent.
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    You need to be aware of this situation where the Kucinich bill does list "chemtrails" as an exotic weapon. I personal called Kucinich's offie when this first came out and they had no idea it was even in there. It turns out that other people had written the bill and Kucinich never read the bill before he introduced it. The cleveland newspaper did a story and quoted him:
    There are three issues here:
    1. inadvertent atmospheric effects of aviation
    The IPCC has done an assessment.
    Robert C. VanWaning began his personal website before the contrail hoax:

    2. active geoengineering
    The ETC group has worked to ban active geoengineering:

    3. The chemtrails are geoengineering hoax
    Data collected worldwide do not support the hypothesis that any geoengineering
    as proposed has been taking place:
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    Most of those people make no difference in the world anyways. I have received many letters thanking me for debunking the chemtrails hoax, and I see the same happening to Mick at his contrailscience.com. I had one person who used to be a 'believer' become a close friend, drive hours to meet with me, and to help me debunk. Those make up for all the rest. You need to know that in my 14 years activity with this hoax, I have seen that almost all the people who were once active chemtrail believers are completely absent, they simply dropped out. I think the attrition rate is very very high and the hoax is maintained only by a constant effort of deception, fabrication, and omission. Wherever it is countered in the slightest way, the rational folks can see. Not much you can do about irrational folks I suppose.