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    Today I gave Dr. Lenny Thyme a call and we had some discussion. He was featured in the movie 'What In The World Are They Spraying" by Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin. It took some searching and some intuition, but just by googling I was able to discover that he uses a pseudonym, his real name is Leonard J. Schussel, from Oregon. He does hold a real PhD. in Chemistry. The main purpose of my call was to clarify some things which he had written and some which he hadn't touched on directly, it was a conversation.

    I asked him about this comment:
    Dr. Thyme told me that there is no direct causal evidence that what was found in the samples came from trails people see in the sky. He thought it was likely, but that it could not be proven by taking samples on the ground. He suggested using a hang glider, but I pointed out that it was very cold and there wasn't much oxygen at 30,000 ft. He agreed. He was also aware that anything released at high altitudes would not be found except hundreds of miles away from it's point of release, not underneath the point of release.

    He seemed very unfamiliar with the actual testing that had been done, he had seen some tests shown to him by Francis Mangels, but only recalled a test on "snowmelt", none on rainwater at all. I told him that many more tests had been done on rainwater and I mentioned this more than once, but he insisted it was "just snowmelt". This tells me that it is likely that Mangels was selective, and probably showed him the 'Ski Bowl' sample results which wasn't snowmelt but rather dirty snow collected in midsummer as discussed here.

    I also asked him about this comment:
    He explained that indeed aluminum oxide(alumina or Al2O3) was definitely inert and harmless to life, and that he meant in his comment that if pure aluminum in the +++aluminum cation form got into the body, it was his belief that it could cause prion type diseases, but that in his opinion aluminum oxide was not a problem. I asked if this was his own independent thought, or if he was aware of any literature or publication which confirmed that. He responded that he hadn't published anything himself since his Doctoral Thesis in 1987, and that he couldn't cite any literature as a reference.

    I mentioned that some people were recommending using zeolites as a way to remove toxins from their bodies, and that I had determined that these contained large amounts of aluminum oxide. He said that he preferred bentonite clay, which also contains aluminum oxide. He had no concerns about aluminum oxide as he saw it as being non-toxic.

    Lastly, I asked him about this comment:
    He told me that there is such a large reservoir of mass in the soil of the earth, spraying something from the air by the milligrams per acre wouldn't be able to change the soil's pH.

    He was helpful and offered to respond further if I had more questions.


    What Dr. Lenny Thyme has written in his comments quoted above, and his responses confirming and elaborating them to me does several things:

    1. It shows that far from being a proven scientific fact as claimed by Michael J. Murphy, Dr. Lenny Thyme knows that no samples taken on the ground can prove where the substance found comes from.

    2. It shows that Dr. Lenny Thyme, who was featured in Michael J. Murphy's movie, TOTALLY disagrees with Murphy's claims that aluminum oxide is a toxic substance. Dr. Thyme even suggests taking it internally as a remedy!

    3. It shows that despite the claims of both Michael J. Murphy and Francis Mangels, even their own chemistry advisor for the movie TOTALLY disagrees that any substance sprayed from 30,000 feet can affect the pH of soils.

    It is my opinion that Michael J. Murphy has used Dr. Lenny Thyme by featuring him in the movie simply for appearance sake. He did this because he found someone with a PhD. who was open to the idea that chemtrails can exist, and used his appearance in the movie to provide a sense that the rest of the movie was backed up by Dr. Thyme's credibility. Subsequently, Michael J. Murphy has also abused this man's interest and begun making statements which Dr. Thyme does not support.
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    Excellent stuff Jay! I wonder what G. Edward Griffin will make of it.
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    I really don't know about Griffin, Mick. I've tried many times and he keeps putting me off.
    It's a tough situation he's got himself into by trusting Michael J. Murphy.

    Now that Michael J. Murphy's own science guy Dr. Lenny Thyme has debunked him, hopefully
    G. Edward Griffin will be able to see that these problems will eventually have to be addressed.
    I would hate to be in G. Edward Griffin's shoes explaining all this to the people that entrusted him with $24,000.00 to make the movie that is so bunk-ridden it must be an embarrasment to him.

    At the end of "What In The World Are They Spraying" for perhaps 5 minutes there are nothing but scrolling names of the "Angels" who got zip for their donations. This is how they were led to contribute:

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    This is somewhat similar to how Rosalind Peterson is used in chemtrail videos. Miss Peterson writes ' … I don't ever use the word "chemtrails" in any form … ' (http://tinyurl.com/7bexcyv), yet she is used over and over again in chemtrail videos. Miss Peterson approaches persistent contrails from the perspective of how they provide an artificial cloud layer and how that artificial cloud layer might be affecting the earth.
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    He decries the need for medical doctors to learn chemistry, yet he seems unaware of atmospheric chemistry.
    When I get a chance, Ill write him and let him know some of our findings about historical amounts of aluminum in rain/sow.
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    I just found this talk by Dr. Lenny Thyme. He considers it an established fact that spraying is going on, saying he has seen enough evidence and he is thoroughly convinced. He discusses what he thinks are the biochemical effects of aluminum, barium, and strontium at length. He also claims that aluminum is being sprayed because Monsanto has a patent for aluminum resistant seeds (we know that's not true). He also says he suspects that mold is also in the spray.

    At 33 min he cites Francis Mangels' snowmelt tests and claims that contamination was not a problem because it was fresh snow melt with no contact with the ground. Then he says Michael Murphy and Dane Wigington have approached congressmen with undisputable evidence but were slammed the door on. Then he recommends using a drone to sample the chemtrails directly, and says he plans a crowdfunding campaign to do it.

    So he is a hardcore believer, no question about it.

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    Good luck finding a drone that can go up to contrail altitudes.

    Even if he can get one that goes high enough, it would be quite illegal, and quite dangerous to civilian air traffic.
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    There's always the RQ-4 Global Hawk... That would be quite a crowdfunding campaign though, and he'd still need to file a flight plan, allowing TPTB to turn off their spray along it.
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    I doubt there are even enough believers to fund a three digit-million dollar drone.
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    Maybe they should try and get a second hand Reaper. They were only 16 million each brand new and still have a 50,000ft service ceiling.
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    But if you hit a contrail it will be by chance without control of some sort...
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    Sure, but we're aiming for chemtrails and they both disperse and persist ;)
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    Good point.
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    yes I mentioned this on another thread

    I mean how hard can it be (to send up some monitoring / data collecting thingy)

    this 15yr old kid managed to get an X-Wing in space and film it all

    in fact these guys got this robot to 95,000 feet

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