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    The trailer below is for the latest film containing the thesis that the 'powers-that-be' acclimatized the 'sheeple' to the idea of 9/11 by seeding the concept into films, tv series (live action/cartoons), album covers and the like...

    9/11 Foretold (Trailer)

    It however is only the latest such film on Youtube:

    Trippy 9 11 Predictive Programming Compilation Of Cartoons & Movies With 9 11 Subliminals

    Was 911 Predicted in Cartoons and Movies Years ahead of Time? (Part 1)

    Was 911 Predicted in Cartoons and Movies Years ahead of Time? (Part 2)

    Back in 2007 the Screw Loose Change blog posted a listing of other pop cultural references to the WTC that could be interpreted as 'predictions'


    That listing includes this unused album cover for the Hip-hop group The Coup, planned for November 2001.


    As well as of course, the 1979 cover to Supertramps 'Breakfast in America' album.


    Two of the most well known 'predictions' from visual media are the pilot episode of the series 'Lone Gunmen' and the film 'Long Kiss Goodnight' both of which feature the idea government agencies faking terrorisim for their own advantage. Mentioned in the Screw Loose Change blog post is a 1978 made-for-tv Spiderman movie that has a businessman try to use a home-made nuclear weapon to destroy the WTC for insurance purposes.

    To conclude this long ramble, in the Atlas Games role-playing scenario 'Fly to Heaven' (1999) the villain uses magic to create the idea of an 'uber-terrorist' in the minds of the world. Assuming that mantle, he then hijacks an airliner and plans to crash it into the 'heart' of Chicago (either the Sears Tower or Downtown.) as part of a ritual that will make him the 'God' of terrorism.

    All that Truthers have in fact discovered is that the entertainment media likes to use easily recognizeable locations to set the scenes for whatever plots they have come up with.
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  2. Redwood

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    Can we just point out that this claim doesn't even make sense? :confused: So "they" didn't want 9-11 to come as an immense shock?? o_O
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  3. JRBids

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    Some people who point to 9-11 hints in movies and stuff just claim "they" put them there cause they like to rub it in our faces.
  4. Whitebeard

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    A few days ago I was chatting with a conspiracy theorist friend who brought up the 9-11 prediction issue. I said it was just coincidence, only to be told that 'there is no such thing as coincidence,'

    I have noticed this is very common mind set with the conspiracy crowd. Once they think they have the inside track on an event everything must in some way be connected. Some gezzer with vague government connection don't turn up for work cos he had a doctors appointment... he must have been tipped off. A TV show has a plot that involves terrorists, aircraft and WTC... they must have been either 'getting us ready for it', or trying to tip us off in some obscure way.

    They have become so enamoured of the whole 'join the dot' culture the whole conspiracy community seams to thrive off, and more than not often concentrating on the most obscure 'dots' (whilst often ignoring the really obvious black smudges that DO stand up to analysis) that the slightest 'link', how even tenuous gets dragged into their constructed fantasy of truth. And I think the whole Supertramp album cover is the most tenuous ever.

    In the end they just refuse to accept the fact that coincidences exist, and as coincidences do occur quite often - especially when your looking for them, it only serves to enforce their paranoid view of the world around them.

    A paper planning exercise happens on the same day as the London 7/7 suicide bombings, it must mean something profound and conspiratorial, ignoring the fact that governments, emergency services etc hold planning and training exercises all the time.

    A fire destroys the property of a company who were refusing to sell up for a football stadium expansion
    ... coincidence? nope it was Spurs chairman Alan Levy with a can of petrol.

    100 AIDS experts are on a plane shot down over the Ukraine. Coincidence? Nah, it was Big Pharma / Obama / (insert pet hate figure here) trying to stifle their research.... there are hundreds of them.

    And with the WTC the situation is compounded. To many outside of the US, both friend and foe, the WTC was seen as one of, if not THE symbol of American economic power and capitalist culture. Thus it was gonna appear in popular culture from album covers to disaster dramas and episodes of The Simpsons, neither is it surprising that such a symbol was the target of terrorist attacks both on 9-11 and in 1993.

    However to directly link the media appearances to the attacks show a leap of reason that ignores all coincidence.

    (I'm surprised the 1976 version of King kong hasn't been added to the 9-11 conspiracy canon yet.)
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  5. Redwood

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    That contradicts the claim that it's done to "ease the shock" of their own false-flag psy-op. Also, most Truthers claim that "The Sheeple" are just too stupid to perceive the obvious "false-flag" op in the first place.

    So it would be like insulting your dog when he obviously can't understand what you're saying. Truther Civil War! ;)
  6. Graham2001

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    The idea of bringing down the WTC dates back to when they were built.

    I've owned two novels (Don't ask for titles and authors, it's been over five years since I last had them.), the first dated from the early to mid 70's and involved an undercover police operative (Female/African-American) infiltrating a Weather Underground style group that planned to use a home-made nuclear bomb to bring down the WTC.

    The second one dated from the 80's and had a Peoples Temple style group conspring with the PLO to plant a nuclear bomb disguised as a sculpture in the WTC. Arafat then goes to the UN, makes all kinds of demands and gets shot by the Russian member of the Security Council. Oops, the bomb had a dead man switch, the area around the WTC goes up in a mushroom cloud and the pseudo-Peoples Temple 'drinks the kool-aid' rather than die of radiation poisoning.

    And I have no doubt if I was to do a search of cheap thriller titles I could probably find a few more.

    As for reversing titles to find hidden messages, the Germans did that in WWII to make anti-semetic propaganda out of The Times.
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  7. derwoodii

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    I've not checked the validity of this game but on first glance it looks to be genuine and surprisingly or,,,,unsurprisingly astute in guessing future terrorist targets or world calamity events



    1997-4c328ba7a7186282465273bfbea0913f. 1995-7546b2d09b24094aef4ef21958bcc915.
  8. WeedWhacker

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    I'd reply with (just off the top of my head, here...)...

    "Do you know of any families who might be composed of two widowed people, each with four children, who meet and marry and then try to "merge" together AS a family??

    Oh wait....that was the "Brady Bunch". (Guess THAT has never, ever, ever, EVER happened in "real life"....)... :rolleyes:
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  9. Graham2001

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    Ah yes, the Conspiracy Theorists Tarot Cards, the last two cards on that image (Did you create it yourself?) feature in the 'Trippy 9 11 Predictive Programming' video, however I've seen other cases of CTs latching on to entertainment media dating back to the first season of the X-Files, which one writer to Australian Conspiracy Theory magazine "New Dawn" called '...dramatized accounts of real, but supressed events...', remarkably the editors response stated quite clearly that it was fiction.

    That game came out when it was (as can be seen below) possible to make fun of conspiracy theorists, now I'm not so sure that's such a good idea when you see the harm they can cause...

    INWO - Conspiracy_Theorists.
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  10. Hevach

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    Which is a pants-on-head stupid way to perform a false flag anyway. You don't want to soften the shock, because a false flag is all about the shock. The moral and political outrage of the situation, the burning hate and insatiable need for revenge it wakes in your soldiers, the understanding and approval of that revenge it raises with the international community. If you're the kind of person who is already committed to blowing up billions of dollars of your own stuff for the sake of shock, why would you ever want to ease it?
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  11. Graham2001

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    I don't think that it is so much a case of easing the shock as 'priming the pump', in the CT worldview 'sheeple' are stupid and must be 'fed' concepts so that they will come to the correct conclusions, thus they are given parts of the 'big lie' in small easily digestable chunks over many decades. Which is probably the explanation why the CTs included a 60+ year old Porky Pig clip in two of the films.
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  12. jaydeehess

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    IMO this is not a theme that even needs debunking. It is patently ridiculous and those subscribing to it need psychiatric intervention.
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  13. WeedWhacker

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    It used to be called "20/20 hindsight".

    Damn! I should have invested $10,000 into Casio back in 1976!! Now, it would be worth $36 million!!! (Instead, I invested in cattle....I never got a proper answer...was told their teeth fell out....).

    OK.....tiny joke, and movie reference...
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  14. jaydeehess

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    Or IBM , or gold in 1976.

    Both Apple and Microsoft investments in 1976 would pay off well by now as well.

    I live in an area with a lot of cottage properties. There was one such property I could have purchased in 1975 with the money I saved pumping gas, or several adjacent properties waaaay down at the end of a rutted road. Instead I went on a week long Bacchanalia, er,,, ski trip. Those properties would easily sell today for 100+ times more. That rutted road is now much better and was extended several miles and now has many million dollar "cottages" (is it cottaging when you have satellite TV, cell service, full laundry and dishwasher?)
    Hindsight is great and so extremely accurate sometimes. In fact just this weekend the finale game in the Canadian Football League was played,The Grey Cup. With 35 seconds left on the clock the Hamilton Tigercats received a ball kicked by the Calgary Stampeder's and it was run back for a touchdown that would have put them in the lead. But! There was a flag, illegal block from behind pretty much at the point where the ball and was caught. Touchdown denied, Calgary won.
    The block really did not help the runback either. In hindsight that player probably would not carry out the block, at least I'm just guessing.:)

    Of course personally, I'd have never even mentioned marriage to my first wife.:(
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  15. Redwood

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    I guess that's why they use "Looney Tunes"! :confused:
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  16. I think this hits it exactly right. If you add up every fiction ever told on Radio, TV, Magazine, Short story, long story, novels, et cetera there are literally millions of stories in the past. Imagine any historic event happening tomorrow. No matter what you imagine, something similar has already been depicted in fiction at sometime, somewhere in the past.

    God forbid the Cleveland Indians ever win a World Series. "its an inside job! Charlie Sheen movies foretold this was going to happen!"
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  17. Graham2001

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    Actually as I was watching the current US election campaign on film, I was suddenly reminded of the original 1983 film version of "The Dead Zone", the strange thing is I've never actually watched it, though I have read about it. I don't know if this is how conspiracy theorists 'fit it together' but for me it was a scary moment.