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    I am scouring my archives but cannot find the ultimate disposition of the 86 videos from CCTV on pentagon grounds or in the area that were examined by FBI, for Flight 77 research. I thought I had a site that explained what the FBI found on each video, etc, and what the ultimate disposition was. So many CTists use the "86 videos" to claim they show something other than FLight 77, I am trying to debunk that. Can anyone assist?
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    Do we know if the 12 video didn't see the impact, or if they started after impact?
    -I assume that it means that it didn't catch the plane.

    Do we know if the doubletree video showed anything?

    What about the 86th video? Was that the one from the Pentagon parking lot that we have all seen?
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    I have been trying to find it for a while, but I saw a video that someone put together where they were looking a various images and video and comparing evidence of plane vs. evidence of missile. The intent was to show the improbability of the claim of a missile, instead of a plane hitting the Pentagon. One of the shots was a distant black and white video that I thought I remember looking much like the doubletree video. But I swear that you could see what basically looked like a plane coming from the left, disappearing behind the road, or overpass, then the fireball. It very well could have been the doubletree video that was edited for specific purpose and effect; it also could have been a car on the road that looked like a plane going by; or I might be crazy.

    The video would show images from the inside after impact, then put up the statement: "evidence of plane impact = 1,2, 3....", then show various images; then it would make the statement of "evidence of missile = 0" then it would over lay the price is Right lose theme... You know, "Boop Boop Ba-Booowwwwwww". They did this a few times. I specifically remember this because of the humor with the music. I saw it several times, but cannot, for the life of me find it now. I am mostly interested in the one part with the video of the "plane" from the left then the fireball.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone else, or am I nuts?
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    I think you are thinking about the cropped version of the Doubletree video

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MFEpYCCUgs


    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkmPQ8MFQA0
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    That must have been the footage that I am thinking of. It was either the white vehicle that passes by just before impact, or a doctored up plane-like-thingy put into the video. I had only seen it as part of this other video that I was talking about. I Didn't realize it was the doubletree video. Usually you don't see doctored up videos from the debunking camp, just the CT bunch. Who knows what I saw, because I have lost a lot of time at work trying to find this original video and have had no luck.