1. MikeC

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    Why would I care about how you would guess?? :)
  2. Efftup

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    2 people who were pupils at my former secondary school went on to play rugby for England.
    They are BOTH called Richard Hill.
  3. Warlord2080

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    So if the hijackers are still alive surely we would have video from the BBC of the supposed hijackers,but it would be unlikely when news reports errors regarding this case.
  4. Rory

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    I guess the fact that we don't proves the BBC are in on it too! :eek:
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  5. qed

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    The BBC have *always* been "in on it".

    [... the BBC have been accused by 9-11 CTs since near the beginning of this conspiracy theory ...]
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  6. SR1419

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    pretty much from day one with the infamous premature reporting of #7 collapse.
  7. Paul K

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    There is one piece of information I discovered several years ago that strengthens the refutation/debunking of this claim. I think I originally found this on the FBI website.


    September 27th is a significant date because each and every time there is a hijacker alive claim it comes from a news story before this date. Some sites do have dates after, but their primary source for the claim usually ends up being one of the same news stories before the date. When someone mentions the hijacker alive claim, I challenge them to find me a news story, photograph, or video dated after September 27th with a hijacker alive story. No one has been able to do it and I've even looked for one myself.

    The explanation of this is very simple. The FBI was working very fast on Operation Penttbom. When they released the hijacker names, they likely didn't realize that there were real live people out there with the same or similar names as the hijackers. Since there are no documented news stories, photographs, or videos of anyone stating "I'm alive" after this date, it is completely clear that the alive people are not the hijackers at all. They are simply different people with the same or similar names. Thus the hijacker alive conspiracy doesn't hold water.
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  8. Niz Loc

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    After almost two decades, has the truther movement successfully tracked down even one of the supposed still alive hijackers?

    It took them only a few years(?) To claim they were still alive. Wouldnt one decade be enough to find one? And interview him on skype? Wouldnt even need to pack a bag or take time off of work.
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  9. Cantonear1968

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    Just a correction: Atta's passport was not recovered. It was Satam al-Suqami's, who was on the plane with Atta. And this passport was found on the street by a civilian and given to an NYPD officer before either Tower collapsed.

    Wikipedia lists 3 other passports found: Abdul Aziz al Omari's, which was left behind in Atta's bag at Logan. And 2 passports from UA93 belonging to Ziad Jarrah and Saeed al Ghamdi.
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